Answers from docleaf to your questions

Q) How does docleaf Leadership differ from other leadership development organisations?

A) The differentiator is our backgrounds and qualifications in medicine, psychotherapy and coaching. This gives us a deeper understanding of human behaviour.  All our team have spent hundreds of hours in personnel development and psychotherapy.  This gives them a more attuned sense of self and deeper self awareness as compared to many other practitioners and coaches.

Q) How does your leadership coaching differ from other forms of coaching?

A) Leadership coaching is a more profound and targeted process for business leaders and other high achievers. Leadership coaching brings both the inner and outer dimensions together from your personal and corporate life. We coach and mentor, but above all, we facilitate a process of professional and personal growth.

Q) What is the inner dimension? 

A) Working with clients on the inner dimension requires a psychological mindedness founded on developing profound self-awareness. This is when Leadership Performance begins to emerge.

Q) How long is the commitment?

A)  The scope of the work, its frequency and project length is decided at an initial meeting.  With coaching we initially recommend 6 coaching sessions spaced fortnightly apart. We then review your progress. 

Q) How do we get started?

A) We offer an exploratory meeting for each of us to talk informally. This is helpful for you to get to know a little about us and for us to understand you and your organisation. 

Q What happens next?

A) We would agree an initial period of work, including a review session to ensure that your expectations are met.

Q) What is your fee structure?

A) This is something that we determine together. We offer a service tailored exactly to your needs. Fees are dependent on the intensity of work and the frequency with which we meet.