docleaf leadership uses the 5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership model:

  • DL1: The ability to self-reflect and to have strong self-awareness.

  • DL2: Awareness of one’s impact on others. Understanding how others are different from you. It is also appreciating the role you and they play in group dynamics.

  • DL3: The ability to consistently see the whole business picture and the dynamics between groups and other internal and external influences.  The art of ‘thinking systemically’ and understanding system forces.

  • DL4: Individual freedom to make clear decisions and then drive delivery in the face of resistance

  • DL5: The ability to ask for appropriate help and support – internally and externally to the organisation.

These 5 personal dimensions characterise ‘outstanding leaders’ .

These ‘best leaders’ consistently reflect these dimensions time and time again. When these 5 underlying human dimensions are developed to significant levels and when they come together in an individual, then remarkable and great human leadership can take place. The key is when they come together. (Evans, Roger. 2016 from a 10-year study).

 If a leader has all 5DL at a significant level, plus good organisational knowledge and management skills they will consistently:

  • Build organisations that are sustainable, responsible, honest and transparent

  • Deliver organisation strategy and goals repeatedly

  • Build confidence and wake up tired organisations, divisions, teams and individuals

  • Develop talent and build new leaders at all levels quickly and consistently

  • Deliver change appropriately.